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Welcome to our world of luxury cruising. For those of us who have a passion for cruising, we believe there is something enchanted about traveling on the water. There is no other travel experience that allows the freedom to explore our world, as by sea. Surround yourself in elegance and style and discover where the sun rises tomorrow. Some of the advantages of taking small ship cruises is well everything! On the all inclusive luxury ships we represent, virtually everything onboard is covered including board, meals, entertainment, gratuities enrichment programs, some shore excursion adventures and plenty of other things.

We have just added some information about the new Seabourn Odyssey and several of the latest world cruises that Luxury Cruises 2014 ~ 2015 have been announced for the upcoming years. The new 2015 world cruise itineraries are now available and today is a great time to find and plan your next World Cruise 2015 adventure. The luxury ships that we represent offer both exploration and discovery when you are able to visit small hidden ports of call where the big ships cannot go. The small ships are like luxury hotels and the crew and staff have one goal and mission in mind, make your cruise holiday the best ever. Remember that the new Seabourn ships are now sailing and ready to offer you the ultimate luxury cruise experience that you have come to expect from Seabourn Cruises. We seem to be getting a lot of requests for small ship exploration and no other cruise line comes close to offering the up close, personal and casual cruises that Seabourn Cruises offers.

Silversea has a newer ship, the Silver Spirit and it is a leader in the high end luxury cruise market. Silversea Spirit is a larger ship that the Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper The new Silver Spirit provides suites for 540 passengers in the all-inclusive luxury that only Silversea Cruises provides. We have been on the Silver Spirit and this is one nice ship. Silversea Cruises continues to lead the industry when it comes to being creative and providing the type of luxury on their ships that we all enjoy and makes us want to stay on for ever.

From the moment you start your luxury cruise vacation preparation, to the time you return home, our cruise specialists are here to support you, managing each detail of your luxury cruise holiday. We offer so much more than just a cruise. We provide the luxury ship platforms for you to experience private shore excursions, voyages that allow for discovery with enrichment programs that will let you immerse yourself into the culture and the people of your next destination.

We take pride in creating a memorable luxury cruise holiday experience just for you. Again, welcome back to our return Discount Silversea Cruises and Cheap Seabourn Cruises clients and a heartfelt hello to those joining our site for the first time. Welcome to the our world of luxury cruising. We create luxury cruise journeys that will maximize you most precious commodity, your leisure time. So, indulge your senses and experience the world's great wonders. Find your special cruise voyage that provides incomparable experiences on each and every ship we represent. We offer the finest luxury cruise ships in the world and the unique experiences that go with them. Our specialists have professional relationships with each luxury cruise line; highly regarded tour companies, first-class luxury hotels, resorts and luxury spas worldwide. We try to obtain the impossible, then we work to obtaining the little something extra. Be it travel upgrades, onboard credits, complimentary travel amenities or special shore excursions, we work for you. Our success has been achieved "one customer and one recommendation at a time". We look forward to adding your name to our list of satisfied customers. Our group of luxury cruise partners differentiate themselves from the ordinary as we cater to the traveler who desires to be special. World class luxury cruises serviced one client at a time. Beyond compare and dedicated to bringing the finest cruise experience to the modern traveler. The price gap between premium and luxury holiday vacations is not as large as you ma think. Where the premium cruise vacation might charge you for each and every little item you use or sport you partake in, the luxury cruise holiday will usually include most, if not all charges of your luxury vacation in one price. The luxury market understands that some people, and we are included, do not like to be signing for each drink, cookie, soda for the children, yoga, gym time or anything else. We want one price, period. Although we do maintain our privilege to tip any crew or staff member that shows us what a quality cruise experience can mean. We are here to help you plan the finest luxury cruise vacation for your cruise dollars. Luxury cruises are a very popular way to explore and see the exotic cruise ports of call that you have only dreamed of. Whether you choose luxury in the form of Silversea Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Seabourn Cruises,SeaDream Cruises , Crystal Cruises, Windstar Cruises or Sea Cloud Cruise we can help you save serious money. We are deeply focused and dedicated to bringing you great service and the best of the best when cruising.

From the novice cruise customer to the experienced world cruiser, we handle the details and help find the best cruise
Discount Luxury Cruises holiday for your money. The itinerary and destinations are your call and the fill-in-the-blanks is our job. Luxury cruises can offer a relief from the premium cruise lines, where there are a zillion people and they charge you for every little item and drinks. They have so many profit centers set up that in the final analysis the premium cruise might cost as much as the six-star ship you're thinking about. The little charges on a premium line compared to all-inclusive on the luxury lines can add up fast. Compare premium to luxury and be surprised, the true value is in luxury cruising. Around the world cruise or a Silversea cruise vacation we provide the best ships with innovative amenities and enrich programs to match.

A cheap or discount cruise price will not always render you the best cruise deal. When you compare a luxury cruise with a similar land based vacation product, the pricing will b equal or could favor the cruise holiday. Cheap is not always the best. Yes, there are discounts and specials for all of the cruise lines and depending on when and where you sail, the savings could be substantial over the brochure rate of the cruise line. Luxury cruise ships are stunning and built to a higher standard that the premium lines. The highest quality ships and crews ensure you the ultimate travel experience.

On some of the luxury cruise lines you find that everything is included in the price, no hidden charges. If you like to workout, its included, if you like to do Yoga, its included, if you like to have a drink or two, no worries, they will not only give you a drink, but, some cruise lines will give you a bottle or two of your favorites, yes, included in the price. Also, a no tipping or gratuities included in the cruise pricing is standard on some luxury lines. Of course you can tip anyone on any ship even if tips are included.

When you compare the premium cruise lines cost and the extra charges they add, you may be surprised that a luxury cruise will not only offer you much more in comfort and luxury, but, also it could save you some cruise dollars....which we all like. Personally, I hate signing those little bar receipts and trying to remember how many I signed. I feel like a fool when I have to pay $5.00 for a soft drink when I can get them included on most upscale luxury cruise lines. Free and easy might best describe the atmosphere on a luxury cruise.

So, we welcome you again to one of the best luxury cruise websites and hope that our site answerers most of your questions. Please fill in our complimentary cruise quote or give us a call on our toll free number and we will begin the quest to not only find you the perfect getaway, but save you hundreds or thousands of cruise dollars, depending on the sailing. Our greatest asset? Our people of course.

Most of the photographs you find on this website were taken by the crew and deckhands of our company, either before, during, or after our own personal cruise adventures. We hope you enjoy them.

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It doesn't matter how you found us, if you are looking for a 6-Star Luxury Cruises on Silversea Cruises or Seabourn Cruise, Crystal Cruises, Regent Cruises or a laid-back Windstar cruise, we still offer great personal assistance. When looking for those cheap luxury cruises or that hard to find luxury cruise specials, we may be able to help. We specialize in finding those discount luxury cruises and discount world cruises.